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public class ClassNameMBean extends org.apache.tomcat.util.modeler.BaseModelMBean

A convenience base class for ModelMBean implementations where the underlying base class (and therefore the set of supported properties) is different for varying implementations of a standard interface. For Catalina, that includes at least the following: Connector, Logger, Realm, and Valve. This class creates an artificial MBean attribute named className, which reports the fully qualified class name of the managed object as its value.

Craig R. McClanahan
$Revision: 467222 $ $Date: 2006-10-24 05:17:11 +0200 (mar., 24 oct. 2006) $

Fields Summary
Constructors Summary
public ClassNameMBean()
Construct a ModelMBean with default ModelMBeanInfo information.

MBeanException if the initialize of an object throws an exception
RuntimeOperationsException if an IllegalArgumentException occurs


Methods Summary
public java.lang.StringgetClassName()
Return the fully qualified Java class name of the managed object for this MBean.

         return (this.resource.getClass().getName());