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public abstract class MMHelper extends Object
This is a helper interface to communicate between the LCDUI Canvas and the MMAPI video players. It has methods to register and unregister MIDPVideoPainters with an LCDUI Canvas.

Fields Summary
private static MMHelper
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public abstract DisplaygetItemDisplay(Item item)
Get Display being used for Item painting. Platform-dependent.

static com.sun.mmedia.MMHelpergetMMHelper()
This method is called by MIDPVideoPainter implementation to get a hold of the MMHelper...

        return mmh;
public abstract voidregisterPlayer(Canvas c, MIDPVideoPainter vp)
Registers a video control (which implements MIDPVideoPainter) with the corresponding Canvas where the video is to show up.

public static voidsetMMHelper(com.sun.mmedia.MMHelper mmhelper)
This is the link to the LCDUI canvas implementation for special repaint events. This is called by javax.microedition.lcdui.MMHelperImpl.

        // Safeguard to make sure its called only once
        if (mmh == null)
            mmh = mmhelper;
public abstract voidunregisterPlayer(Canvas c, MIDPVideoPainter vp)
Unregisters a video control so that it doesn't get paint callbacks anymore after the player is closed. This also reduces load on the Canvas repaint mechanism.