CONSTANT_String_info.javaAPI DocAndroid 1.5 API2511Wed May 06 22:41:16 BST 2009com.vladium.jcd.cls.constant


public final class CONSTANT_String_info extends CONSTANT_literal_info
The CONSTANT_String_info structure is used to represent constant objects of the type java.lang.String.

The value of the string_index item must be a valid index into the constant pool table. The constant pool entry at that index must be a {@link CONSTANT_Utf8_info} structure representing the sequence of characters to which the java.lang.String object is to be initialized.

(C) 2001, Vlad Roubtsov

Fields Summary
public static final byte
public int
Constructors Summary
public CONSTANT_String_info(int string_index)

        m_string_index = string_index;
protected CONSTANT_String_info(com.vladium.jcd.lib.UDataInputStream bytes)

        m_string_index = bytes.readU2 ();
Methods Summary
public java.lang.Objectaccept(ICONSTANTVisitor visitor, java.lang.Object ctx)

        return visitor.visit (this, ctx);
public final bytetag()

        return TAG;
public java.lang.StringtoString()

        return "CONSTANT_String: [string_index = " + m_string_index + ']";
public voidwriteInClassFormat(com.vladium.jcd.lib.UDataOutputStream out)

        super.writeInClassFormat (out);
        out.writeU2 (m_string_index);