POAHelper.javaAPI DocJava SE 5 API2488Fri Aug 26 14:58:36 BST 2005org.omg.PortableServer


public abstract class POAHelper extends Object
A POA object manages the implementation of a collection of objects. The POA supports a name space for the objects, which are identified by Object Ids. A POA also provides a name space for POAs. A POA is created as a child of an existing POA, which forms a hierarchy starting with the root POA. A POA object must not be exported to other processes, or externalized with ORB::object_to_string.

Fields Summary
private static String
private static TypeCode
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public static org.omg.PortableServer.POAextract(org.omg.CORBA.Any a)

        return read (a.create_input_stream ());
public static java.lang.Stringid()

        return _id;
public static voidinsert(org.omg.CORBA.Any a, org.omg.PortableServer.POA that)

        org.omg.CORBA.portable.OutputStream out = a.create_output_stream ();
        a.type (type ());
        write (out, that);
        a.read_value (out.create_input_stream (), type ());
public static org.omg.PortableServer.POAnarrow(org.omg.CORBA.Object obj)

       if (obj == null)
           return null;
       else if (obj instanceof org.omg.PortableServer.POA)
           return (org.omg.PortableServer.POA)obj;
       else if (!obj._is_a (id ()))
          throw new org.omg.CORBA.BAD_PARAM ();
       return null;
public static org.omg.PortableServer.POAread(org.omg.CORBA.portable.InputStream istream)

        throw new org.omg.CORBA.MARSHAL ();
public static synchronized org.omg.CORBA.TypeCodetype()

        if (__typeCode == null)
            __typeCode = org.omg.CORBA.ORB.init ().create_interface_tc ( (), "POA");
        return __typeCode;
public static voidwrite(org.omg.CORBA.portable.OutputStream ostream, org.omg.PortableServer.POA value)

        throw new org.omg.CORBA.MARSHAL ();