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public class AdtConstants extends Object
Constant definition class.

Most constants have a prefix defining the content.
  • WS_ Workspace path constant. Those are absolute paths, from the project root.
  • OS_ OS path constant. These paths are different depending on the platform.
  • FN_ File name constant.
  • FD_ Folder name constant.
  • MARKER_ Resource Marker Ids constant.
  • EXT_ File extension constant. This does NOT include a dot.
  • DOT_ File extension constant. This start with a dot.
  • RE_ Regexp constant.
  • BUILD_ Build verbosity level constant. To use with AdtPlugin.printBuildToConsole()

Fields Summary
public static final String
Generic marker for ADT errors.
public static final String
Marker for Android Target errors. This is not cleared on each like other markers. Instead, it's cleared when an {@link AndroidClasspathContainerInitializer} has succeeded in creating an AndroidClasspathContainer
public static final int
Build verbosity "Always". Those messages are always displayed.
public static final int
Build verbosity level "Normal"
public static final int
Build verbosity level "Verbose". Those messages are only displayed in verbose mode
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