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public class Scheduler extends Object
This class is here for the for JSR code that has not been updated to use the MIDletStateHandler for security checks. The functionality of the Scheduler was moved to the {@link MIDletStateHandler}

Fields Summary
private static Scheduler
The manager of all MIDlets.
private static MIDletStateHandler
The event handler of all MIDlets in an Isolate.
Constructors Summary
private Scheduler()
Construct a new Scheduler object.

Methods Summary
public MIDletSuitegetMIDletSuite()
Provides objects with a mechanism to retrieve MIDletSuite being scheduled.

MIDletSuite being scheduled

        return midletStateHandler.getMIDletSuite();
public static synchronized com.sun.midp.midlet.SchedulergetScheduler()
Get the Scheduler for performing security checks.

the MIDlet management software scheduler

         * If not scheduler has been created, create one now.
        if (scheduler == null) {
            /* This is the default scheduler class */
            midletStateHandler = MIDletStateHandler.getMidletStateHandler();
            scheduler = new Scheduler();

        return scheduler;