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public abstract class ColorFilter_Delegate extends Object
Delegate implementing the native methods of Through the layoutlib_create tool, the original native methods of ColorFilter have been replaced by calls to methods of the same name in this delegate class. This class behaves like the original native implementation, but in Java, keeping previously native data into its own objects and mapping them to int that are sent back and forth between it and the original ColorFilter class. This also serve as a base class for all ColorFilter delegate classes.

Fields Summary
protected static final
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public voidapplyFilter(java.awt.Graphics2D g, int width, int height)

        // This should never be called directly. If supported, the sub class should override this.
        assert false;
static voiddestroyFilter(long native_instance)

public static nativeShader)

    // ---- delegate helper data ----

    // ---- delegate data ----

    // ---- Public Helper methods ----

        return sManager.getDelegate(nativeShader);
public abstract java.lang.StringgetSupportMessage()

public booleanisSupported()

        return false;