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public final class ViewAnimationUtils extends Object
Defines common utilities for working with View's animations.

Fields Summary
Constructors Summary
private ViewAnimationUtils()

Methods Summary
public static android.animation.AnimatorcreateCircularReveal(View view, int centerX, int centerY, float startRadius, float endRadius)
Returns an Animator which can animate a clipping circle.

Any shadow cast by the View will respect the circular clip from this animator.

Only a single non-rectangular clip can be applied on a View at any time. Views clipped by a circular reveal animation take priority over {@link View#setClipToOutline(boolean) View Outline clipping}.

Note that the animation returned here is a one-shot animation. It cannot be re-used, and once started it cannot be paused or resumed. It is also an asynchronous animation that automatically runs off of the UI thread. As a result {@link AnimatorListener#onAnimationEnd(Animator)} will occur after the animation has ended, but it may be delayed depending on thread responsiveness.

view The View will be clipped to the animating circle.
centerX The x coordinate of the center of the animating circle.
centerY The y coordinate of the center of the animating circle.
startRadius The starting radius of the animating circle.
endRadius The ending radius of the animating circle.

        return new RevealAnimator(view, centerX, centerY, startRadius, endRadius);