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public interface MonitoredAttribute

Hemanth Puttaswamy

Monitored Attribute is the interface to represent a Monitorable Attribute. Using this interface, one can get the value of the attribute and set the value if it is a writeable attribute.

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public voidclearState()

If this attribute needs to be cleared, the user needs to implement this method to reset the state to initial state. If the Monitored Attribute doesn't change like for example (ConnectionManager High Water Mark), then clearState() is a No Op.


Gets the Monitored Attribute Info for the attribute.

monitoredAttributeInfo for this Monitored Attribute.

public java.lang.StringgetName()

Gets the name of the Monitored Attribute.

name of this Attribute

public java.lang.ObjectgetValue()

Gets the value of the Monitored Attribute. The value can be obtained from different parts of the module. User may choose to delegate the call to getValue() to other variables. NOTE: It is important to make sure that the type of Object returned in getvalue is same as the one specified in MonitoredAttributeInfo for this attribute.

value is the current value for this MonitoredAttribute

public voidsetValue(java.lang.Object value)

Sets the value for the Monitored Attribute if isWritable() is false, the method will throw ILLEGAL Operation exception. Also, the type of 'value' should be same as specified in the MonitoredAttributeInfo for a particular instance.

value should be any one of the Basic Java Type Objects which are Long, Double, Float, String, Integer, Short, Character, Byte.