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public class StyleServlet extends HttpServlet
Output the given XML file in XML if viewable, else in HTML.

Fields Summary
public String
public String
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public voiddoGet(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse response)

		/** Servlet API 2.1: Web App Root/WEB-INF/web.xml contains
		 * context-param name & value elements; this retrieves 'em.
		ServletContext ctx = getServletContext();
		String value = ctx.getInitParameter("name");
		XML_FILE = ctx.getInitParameter("xml_file_name");
		SHEET_FILE = ctx.getInitParameter("xsl_sheet_name"); 

		String browser = request.getHeader("user-agent");
		PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();

		// At this point in time, MSIE5 is the only one that can do XML.
		if (browser.indexOf("MSIE5") != -1) {

			out.println("<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>");


			output_body(XML_FILE, out);

		} else {
			// Any other browser, output HTML
voidoutput_body(java.lang.String XML_FILE, out)

		FileIO.copyFile(XML_FILE, out, false);
voidoutput_stylesheet_ref( out)

		out.print("<?xml-stylesheet type=\"text/xsl\" href=\"" +
			SHEET_FILE + "\"?>");
voidtransform_into_html( out)

		try {
			XSLTProcessor myProcessor = XSLTProcessorFactory.getProcessor();
			XSLTInputSource xmlSource = new XSLTInputSource(XML_FILE);
			XSLTInputSource xslStylesheet = new XSLTInputSource(SHEET_FILE);
			XSLTResultTarget xmlOutput = new XSLTResultTarget(out);
			myProcessor.process(xmlSource, xslStylesheet, xmlOutput);
		catch (org.xml.sax.SAXException exc) {
			throw new ServletException("XML error: " + exc.toString());
		catch (Exception exc) {
			throw new ServletException(exc.toString());