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public class RowSetEvent extends EventObject implements Serializable
An event which is sent when specific events happen to a {@link RowSet} object. The events are sent to inform registered listeners that changes have occurred to the {@code RowSet}. The events covered are:
  1. A single row in the {@code RowSet} changes.
  2. The whole set of data in the {@code RowSet} changes.
  3. The {@code RowSet} cursor position changes.

The event contains a reference to the {@code RowSet} object which generated the message so that the listeners can extract whatever information they need from that reference.

Android 1.0

Fields Summary
private static final long
Constructors Summary
public RowSetEvent(RowSet theSource)
Creates a {@code RowSetEvent} object containing a reference to the {@link RowSet} object that generated the event. Information about the changes that have occurred to the {@code RowSet} can be extracted from the {@code RowSet} using one or more of the query methods available on the {@code RowSet}.

theSource the {@code RowSet} which generated the event.
Android 1.0

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