DynamicMBean2.javaAPI DocJava SE 6 API2182Tue Jun 10 00:22:02 BST 2008com.sun.jmx.mbeanserver


public interface DynamicMBean2 implements DynamicMBean
A dynamic MBean that wraps an underlying resource. A version of this interface might eventually appear in the public JMX API.

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public java.lang.StringgetClassName()
The name of this MBean's class, as used by permission checks. This is typically equal to getResource().getClass().getName(). This method is typically faster, sometimes much faster, than getMBeanInfo().getClassName(), but should return the same result.

public java.lang.ObjectgetResource()
The resource corresponding to this MBean. This is the object whose class name should be reflected by the MBean's getMBeanInfo().getClassName() for example. For a "plain" DynamicMBean it will be "this". For an MBean that wraps another object, like, it will be the wrapped object.

public voidpreRegister2( mbs, name)
Additional registration hook. This method is called after {@link preRegister}. Unlike that method, if it throws an exception and the MBean implements {@code MBeanRegistration}, then {@link postRegister(false)} will be called on the MBean. This is the behavior that the MBean expects for a problem that does not come from its own preRegister method.

public voidregisterFailed()
Additional registration hook. This method is called if preRegister and preRegister2 succeed, but then the MBean cannot be registered (for example because there is already another MBean of the same name).