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public interface ScopeVisitor

ScopeVisitor is used to implement the Visitor pattern in GDATAServer. An object of this interface can be passed to a ScopeVistable which will then call its methods.
{@link org.apache.lucene.gdata.server.registry.Component} Classes registered in the {@link org.apache.lucene.gdata.server.registry.GDataServerRegistry} will be added to the Visitableimplementation automatically. Please refer to the Gang of Four book of Design Patterns for more details on the Visitor pattern.

A scope can be Session, Request or Context if one of the ScopeVisitors for the desired scope is available by the registry.

This site has further discussion on design patterns and links to the GOF book. This link describes the Visitor pattern in detail.

Simon Willnauer

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public abstract voidvisiteDestroy()
Visites the destory of the scope

public abstract voidvisiteInitialize()
Visites the initialization of the scope