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public interface IORInterceptorOperations implements InterceptorOperations
Interceptor used to establish tagged components in the profiles within an IOR.

In some cases, a portable ORB service implementation may need to add information describing the server's or object's ORB service related capabilities to object references in order to enable the ORB service implementation in the client to function properly.

This is supported through the IORInterceptor and IORInfo interfaces.


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public voidestablish_components(org.omg.PortableInterceptor.IORInfo info)
A server side ORB calls the establish_components operation on all registered IORInterceptor instances when it is assembling the list of components that will be included in the profile or profiles of an object reference. This operation is not necessarily called for each individual object reference. In the case of the POA, this operation is called each time POA::create_POA is called. In any case, establish_components is guaranteed to be called at least once for each distinct set of server policies.

An implementation of establish_components must not throw exceptions. If it does, the ORB shall ignore the exception and proceed to call the next IOR Interceptor's establish_components operation.

info The IORInfo instance used by the ORB service to query applicable policies and add components to be included in the generated IORs.