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public interface TaggedProfileTemplate implements WriteContents, List, Identifiable, MakeImmutable
Base template for creating TaggedProfiles. A TaggedProfile will often contain tagged components. A template that does not contain components acts like an empty immutable list.
Ken Cavanaugh

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public oktemp, id)
Create a TaggedProfile from this template.

public org.omg.IOP.TaggedComponent[]getIOPComponents( orb, int id)
Return the tagged components in this profile (if any) in the GIOP marshalled form, which is required for Portable Interceptors. Returns null if either the profile has no components, or if this type of profile can never contain components.

public booleanisEquivalent( temp)
Return true if temp is equivalent to this template. Equivalence means that in some sense an invocation on a profile created by this template has the same results as an invocation on a profile created from temp. Equivalence may be weaker than equality.

public java.util.IteratoriteratorById(int id)
Return an iterator that iterates over tagged components with identifier id. It is not possible to modify the list through this iterator.

public voidwrite( oktemp, id, org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable.OutputStream os)
Write the profile create( oktemp, id ) to the OutputStream os.