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public final class ProviderPropertiesUnbundled extends Object
This class is an interface to Provider Properties for unbundled applications.

IMPORTANT: This class is effectively a public API for unbundled applications, and must remain API stable. See README.txt in the root of this package for more information.

Fields Summary
private final
Constructors Summary
private ProviderPropertiesUnbundled( properties)

        mProperties = properties;
Methods Summary
public static requiresNetwork, boolean requiresSatellite, boolean requiresCell, boolean hasMonetaryCost, boolean supportsAltitude, boolean supportsSpeed, boolean supportsBearing, int powerRequirement, int accuracy)

        return new ProviderPropertiesUnbundled(new ProviderProperties(requiresNetwork,
                requiresSatellite, requiresCell, hasMonetaryCost, supportsAltitude, supportsSpeed,
                supportsBearing, powerRequirement, accuracy));

        return mProperties;
public java.lang.StringtoString()

        return mProperties.toString();