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public interface OnApplyWindowInsetsListener
Listener for applying window insets on a view in a custom way.

Apps may choose to implement this interface if they want to apply custom policy to the way that window insets are treated for a view. If an OnApplyWindowInsetsListener is set, it's {@link #onApplyWindowInsets(android.view.View, WindowInsetsCompat) onApplyWindowInsets} method will be called instead of the View's own {@code onApplyWindowInsets} method. The listener may optionally call the parameter View's onApplyWindowInsets method to apply the View's normal behavior as part of its own.

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public WindowInsetsCompatonApplyWindowInsets(android.view.View v, WindowInsetsCompat insets)
When {@link ViewCompat#setOnApplyWindowInsetsListener(View, OnApplyWindowInsetsListener) set} on a View, this listener method will be called instead of the view's own {@code onApplyWindowInsets} method.

v The view applying window insets
insets The insets to apply
The insets supplied, minus any insets that were consumed