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public interface TAG_INTERNET_IOP
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public static final int
Identifies profiles that support the Internet Inter-ORB Protocol. The ProfileBody of this profile contains a CDR encapsulation of a structure containing addressing and object identification information used by IIOP. Version 1.1 of the TAG_INTERNET_IOP profile also includes an array of TaggedComponent objects that can contain additional information supporting optional IIOP features, ORB services such as security, and future protocol extensions.

Protocols other than IIOP (such as ESIOPs and other GIOPs) can share profile information (such as object identity or security information) with IIOP by encoding their additional profile information as components in the TAG_INTERNET_IOP profile. All TAG_INTERNET_IOP profiles support IIOP, regardless of whether they also support additional protocols. Interoperable ORBs are not required to create or understand any other profile, nor are they required to create or understand any of the components defined for other protocols that might share the TAG_INTERNET_IOP profile with IIOP.

The profile_data for the TAG_INTERNET_IOP profile is a CDR encapsulation of the IIOP.ProfileBody_1_1 type.

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