WallpaperSettingsActivity.javaAPI DocAndroid 5.1 API1791Thu Mar 12 22:22:10 GMT 2015android.service.wallpaper


public class WallpaperSettingsActivity extends android.preference.PreferenceActivity
Base class for activities that will be used to configure the settings of a wallpaper. You should derive from this class to allow it to select the proper theme of the activity depending on how it is being used.

Fields Summary
public static final String
This boolean extra in the launch intent indicates that the settings are being used while the wallpaper is in preview mode.
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
protected voidonCreate(android.os.Bundle icicle)

        if (false) {
            Resources.Theme theme = getTheme();
            if (getIntent().getBooleanExtra(EXTRA_PREVIEW_MODE, false)) {
                theme.applyStyle(, true);
            } else {
                theme.applyStyle(, true);