DateKeyListener.javaAPI DocAndroid 5.1 API1776Thu Mar 12 22:22:10 GMT 2015android.text.method


public class DateKeyListener extends NumberKeyListener
For entering dates in a text field.

As for all implementations of {@link KeyListener}, this class is only concerned with hardware keyboards. Software input methods have no obligation to trigger the methods in this class.

Fields Summary
public static final char[]
The characters that are used.
private static DateKeyListener
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
protected char[]getAcceptedChars()

        return CHARACTERS;
public intgetInputType()

        return InputType.TYPE_CLASS_DATETIME
                | InputType.TYPE_DATETIME_VARIATION_DATE;
public static android.text.method.DateKeyListenergetInstance()

        if (sInstance != null)
            return sInstance;

        sInstance = new DateKeyListener();
        return sInstance;