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public interface ScriptResources
In order to register a script in the "Tools" menu of Together/J IDE, the script must implement the ScriptResources interface. When a script is loaded at startup, Together checks whether the script class implements the ScriptResources interface and, if yes, adds a menu item. The menu item name is returned by getMenuItem() method.
2.1.01 28.05.1998
Andrei Ivanov

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public java.lang.StringgetMenuItem()
The getMenuItem() method should return the string for menu item used to invoke the script. Using this method you can define a keyboard shortcut for script invocation as well. Append the string with the '|' symbol and a letter. The shortcuts have Ctrl modifier.
For example, return "Hello|A" for defining "Hello" as menu item and Ctrl-A as shortcut.

Menu item resource string