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public class AwtFactory extends Object

Fields Summary
private static org.apache.harmony.awt.wtk.GraphicsFactory
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Methods Summary
public static java.awt.Graphics2DgetAwtGraphics( c, p)
Use this method to get acces to AWT drawing primitives and to render into the surface area of a Android widget. Origin and clip of the returned graphics object are the same as in the corresponding Android widget.

c Canvas of the android widget to draw into
p The default drawing parameters such as font, stroke, foreground and background colors, etc.
The AWT Graphics object that makes all AWT drawing primitives available in the androind world.

        // AWT?? TODO: test it!
        if (null == gf) {
            Toolkit tk = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit();
            gf = tk.getGraphicsFactory();
        return gf.getGraphics2D(c, p);