HqlToken.javaAPI DocHibernate 3.2.51679Sun Aug 15 12:03:44 BST 2004org.hibernate.hql.ast


public class HqlToken extends antlr.CommonToken
A custom token class for the HQL grammar.

NOTE: This class must be public becuase it is instantiated by the ANTLR library. Ignore any suggestions by various code 'analyzers' about this class being package local.

Fields Summary
private boolean
True if this token could be an identifier. *
private int
The previous token type. *
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
private intgetPreviousType()
Returns the previous token type.

int - The old token type.

		return tokenType;
public booleanisPossibleID()
Returns true if the token could be an identifier.

True if the token could be interpreted as in identifier, false if not.

		return possibleID;
public voidsetPossibleID(boolean possibleID)
Set to true if this token can be interpreted as an identifier, false if not.

possibleID True if this is a keyword/identifier, false if not.

		this.possibleID = possibleID;
public voidsetType(int t)
Sets the type of the token, remembering the previous type.

t The new token type.

		this.tokenType = getType();
		super.setType( t );
public java.lang.StringtoString()
Returns a string representation of the object.

String - The debug string.

		return "[\""
				+ getText()
				+ "\",<" + getType() + "> previously: <" + getPreviousType() + ">,line="
				+ line + ",col="
				+ col + ",possibleID=" + possibleID + "]";