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public interface VideoRenderer implements
An interface for renderers that render video to a display or any other such device.
JMF 2.0

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public java.awt.RectanglegetBounds()
Returns the region in the component where the video will be rendered to. Returns null if the entire component is being used.

the region where the video will be rendered.

public java.awt.ComponentgetComponent()
Returns an AWT component that it will render to. Returns null if it is not rendering to an AWT component.

the component that will used for rendering.

public voidsetBounds(java.awt.Rectangle rect)
Sets the region in the component where the video is to be rendered to. Video is to be scaled if necessary. If rect is null, then the video occupies the entire component.

rect the rect that defines the region to be rendered to.

public booleansetComponent(java.awt.Component comp)
Requests the renderer to draw into a specified AWT component.

comp the component to be used for rendering.
false if the renderer cannot draw into the specified component.