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package org.omg.IOP;

* org/omg/IOP/ .
* Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.2"
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* Tuesday, June 10, 2008 1:33:18 AM GMT-08:00

public interface ExceptionDetailMessage

     * CORBA formal/02-06-01: 13.7.1:
     * ExceptionDetailMessage identifies a CDR encapsulation of a wstring,
     * encoded using GIOP 1.2 with a TCS-W of UTF-16.  This service context
     * may be sent on Reply messages with a reply_status of SYSTEM_EXCEPTION
     * or USER_EXCEPTION. The usage of this service context is defined
     * by language mappings. <br/> <br/>
     * IDL/Java: ptc/02-01-22: 1.15.2: 
     * When a System Exception is marshaled, its GIOP Reply message shall
     * include an associated ExceptionDetailMessage service context. The
     * callee's stack trace is often very valuable debugging information but
     * may contain sensitive or unwanted information. The wstring within the
     * service context will therefore contain additional information relating
     * to the exception, for example the result of calling either
     * printStackTrace(PrintWriter) or getMessage() on the exception. When
     * unmarshaling a System Exception on the client side, the wstring from
     * any ExceptionDetailMessage service context shall become the Java error
     * message in the unmarshaled exception object.
  public static final int value = (int)(14L);