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public interface ExceptionDetailMessage
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public static final int
CORBA formal/02-06-01: 13.7.1: ExceptionDetailMessage identifies a CDR encapsulation of a wstring, encoded using GIOP 1.2 with a TCS-W of UTF-16. This service context may be sent on Reply messages with a reply_status of SYSTEM_EXCEPTION or USER_EXCEPTION. The usage of this service context is defined by language mappings.

IDL/Java: ptc/02-01-22: 1.15.2: When a System Exception is marshaled, its GIOP Reply message shall include an associated ExceptionDetailMessage service context. The callee's stack trace is often very valuable debugging information but may contain sensitive or unwanted information. The wstring within the service context will therefore contain additional information relating to the exception, for example the result of calling either printStackTrace(PrintWriter) or getMessage() on the exception. When unmarshaling a System Exception on the client side, the wstring from any ExceptionDetailMessage service context shall become the Java error message in the unmarshaled exception object.
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