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public interface TokenManager
Interface that describes the set of defined tokens

Fields Summary
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public java.lang.Objectclone()

public voiddefine(TokenSymbol ts)
define a token symbol

public java.lang.StringgetName()
Get the name of the token manager

public java.lang.StringgetTokenStringAt(int idx)
Get a token string by index

public TokenSymbolgetTokenSymbol(java.lang.String sym)
Get the TokenSymbol for a string

public TokenSymbolgetTokenSymbolAt(int idx)

public java.util.EnumerationgetTokenSymbolElements()
Get an enumerator over the symbol table

public java.util.EnumerationgetTokenSymbolKeys()

public persistence.antlr.collections.impl.VectorgetVocabulary()
Get the token vocabulary (read-only).

A Vector of Strings indexed by token type

public booleanisReadOnly()
Is this token manager read-only?

public voidmapToTokenSymbol(java.lang.String name, TokenSymbol sym)

public intmaxTokenType()
Get the highest token type in use

public intnextTokenType()
Get the next unused token type

public voidsetName(java.lang.String n)

public voidsetReadOnly(boolean ro)

public booleantokenDefined(java.lang.String symbol)
Is a token symbol defined?