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public class LayerRasterizer extends Rasterizer

Fields Summary
Constructors Summary
public LayerRasterizer()

        native_instance = nativeConstructor();
Methods Summary
public voidaddLayer(Paint paint, float dx, float dy)
Add a new layer (above any previous layers) to the rasterizer. The layer will extract those fields that affect the mask from the specified paint, but will not retain a reference to the paint object itself, so it may be reused without danger of side-effects.

        nativeAddLayer(native_instance, paint.mNativePaint, dx, dy);
public voidaddLayer(Paint paint)

        nativeAddLayer(native_instance, paint.mNativePaint, 0, 0);
private static native voidnativeAddLayer(int native_layer, int native_paint, float dx, float dy)

private static native intnativeConstructor()