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public static final int
In cases where the same object key is used for more than one internet location, the following standard IOR Component is defined for support in IIOP version 1.2.

The TAG_ALTERNATE_IIOP_ADDRESS component has an associated value of type:

struct {
string HostID,
short Port
encoded as a CDR encapsulation.

Zero or more instances of the TAG_ALTERNATE_IIOP_ADDRESS component type may be included in a version 1.2 TAG_INTERNET_IOP Profile. Each of these alternative addresses may be used by the client orb, in addition to the host and port address expressed in the body of the Profile. In cases where one or more TAG_ALTERNATE_IIOP_ADDRESS components are present in a TAG_INTERNET_IOP Profile, no order of use is prescribed by Version 1.2 of IIOP.

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