ModifiableClassLoaderRepository.javaAPI DocJava SE 5 API1410Fri Aug 26 14:55:00 BST 2005com.sun.jmx.mbeanserver


public interface ModifiableClassLoaderRepository implements ClassLoaderRepository
This interface keeps the list of Class Loaders registered in the MBean Server. It provides the necessary methods to load classes using the registered Class Loaders, and to add/remove class loaders from the list.
JMX RI 1.2

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public voidaddClassLoader(java.lang.ClassLoader loader)
Add an anonymous ClassLoader to the repository.

public voidaddClassLoader( name, java.lang.ClassLoader loader)
Add a named ClassLoader to the repository.

public java.lang.ClassLoadergetClassLoader( name)
Get a named ClassLoader from the repository.

public voidremoveClassLoader(java.lang.ClassLoader loader)
Remove the specified ClassLoader to the repository. The class loader may or may not be anonymous.

public voidremoveClassLoader( name)
Remove a named ClassLoader from the repository.