parse_reduce_row.javaAPI DocJava SE 5 API1401Fri Aug 26 14:54:54 BST 2005com.sun.java_cup.internal


public class parse_reduce_row extends Object
This class represents one row (corresponding to one machine state) of the reduce-goto parse table.

Fields Summary
protected static int
Number of columns (non terminals) in every row.
public lalr_state[]
Actual entries for the row.
Constructors Summary
public parse_reduce_row()
Simple constructor. Note: this should not be used until the number of terminals in the grammar has been established.

      /* make sure the size is set */
      if (_size <= 0 )  _size = non_terminal.number();

      /* allocate the array */
      under_non_term = new lalr_state[size()];
Methods Summary
public static intsize()
Number of columns (non terminals) in every row.

      return _size;