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public interface DynamicStub implements Object
Interface used to support dynamically generated stubs. This supplies some methods that are found in org.omg.CORBA.portable.ObjectImpl that are not available in org.omg.CORBA.Object.

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Methods Summary
public voidconnect(org.omg.CORBA.ORB orb)
Connect this dynamic stub to an ORB. Just as in standard RMI-IIOP, this is required after a dynamic stub is deserialized from an ObjectInputStream. It is not needed when unmarshalling from a org.omg.CORBA.portable.InputStream.

public org.omg.CORBA.portable.DelegategetDelegate()
Similar to ObjectImpl._get_delegate

public org.omg.CORBA.ORBgetORB()
Similar to ObjectImpl._orb()

public java.lang.String[]getTypeIds()
Similar to ObjectImpl._ids

public booleanisLocal()

public org.omg.CORBA.portable.OutputStreamrequest(java.lang.String operation, boolean responseExpected)

public voidsetDelegate(org.omg.CORBA.portable.Delegate delegate)
Similar to ObjectImpl._set_delegate