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public abstract class ReportRegistry extends Object
This abstract class represents the report registry for the sample expense report application. Concrete subclasses can use any type of permanent storage.
Hans Bergsten, Gefion Software

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public abstract voidaddReport(Report report)
Adds a copy of the report to the registry.

public abstract ReportgetReport(int id)
Returns a copy of the report with the specified ID, or null if there's no matching report in the registry.

public abstract java.util.ListgetReports(java.lang.String owner, java.util.Date from, java.util.Date to, int[] status)
Returns a List with copies of all reports matching the search criteria.

public abstract voidremoveReport(Report report)
Removes an existing report in the registry with ID of the provided report.

public abstract voidupdateReport(Report report)
Replaces an existing report in the registry with a copy of the provided report.