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public interface TAG_ORB_TYPE
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public static final int
It is often useful in the real world to be able to identify the particular kind of ORB an object reference is coming from, to work around problems with that particular ORB, or exploit shared efficiencies.

The TAG_ORB_TYPE component has an associated value of type unsigned long (Java long), encoded as a CDR encapsulation, designating an ORB type ID allocated by the OMG for the ORB type of the originating ORB. Anyone may register any ORB types by submitting a short (one-paragraph) description of the ORB type to the OMG, and will receive a new ORB type ID in return. A list of ORB type descriptions and values will be made available on the OMG web server.

The TAG_ORB_TYPE component can appear at most once in any IOR profile. For profiles supporting IIOP 1.1 or greater, it is optionally present.

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