AdapterActivatorOperations.javaAPI DocJava SE 6 API1285Tue Jun 10 01:33:18 BST 2008org.omg.PortableServer


public interface AdapterActivatorOperations
An adapter activator supplies a POA with the ability to create child POAs on demand, as a side-effect of receiving a request that names the child POA (or one of its children), or when find_POA is called with an activate parameter value of TRUE.

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public booleanunknown_adapter(org.omg.PortableServer.POA parent, java.lang.String name)
This operation is invoked when the ORB receives a request for an object reference that identifies a target POA that does not exist. The ORB invokes this operation once for each POA that must be created in order for the target POA to exist.

parent indicates the parent POA for the POA that needs to be created.
name identifies the name of the POA relative to the parent.
returns TRUE if the POA was created or FALSE otherwise.