ResourceLoader.javaAPI DocJava SE 5 API1249Fri Aug 26 14:58:18 BST 2005javax.swing.text.html


public class ResourceLoader extends Object implements PrivilegedAction
Simple class to load resources using the 1.2 security model. Since the html support is loaded lazily, it's resources are potentially fetched with applet code in the call stack. By providing this functionality in a class that is only built on 1.2, reflection can be used from the code that is also built on 1.1 to call this functionality (and avoid the evils of preprocessing). This functionality is called from HTMLEditorKit.getResourceAsStream.
Timothy Prinzing
1.7 12/19/03

Fields Summary
private String
Constructors Summary
ResourceLoader(String name) = name;
Methods Summary
public static name) a = new ResourceLoader(name);
        return (InputStream);
public java.lang.Objectrun()

	Object o = HTMLEditorKit.class.getResourceAsStream(name);
	return o;