SequenceHandler.javaAPI DocJ2ME MIDP 2.01234Thu Nov 07 12:02:22 GMT 2002com.sun.midp.lcdui


public interface SequenceHandler
The SequenceHandler interface is used by the AutomationHandler to perform a callbacks which pertain to certain 'hotkey' executions, such as ending an event sequence or capturing the current screen contents.

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public voidhandleEventSequence(EventSequence sequence)
Called by the AutomationHandler when an event sequence is completed via a hotkey. The EventSequence Object will be the same object that would be returned as if AutomationHandler.stopEventSequence() had been called.

sequence The completed event sequence

public voidhandleScreenCapture(byte[] capture)
Called by the AutomationHandler when a screen capture is performed via a hotkey. The byte[] will be the same array that would be returned as if AutomationHandler.captureScreen() had been called.

capture The byte[] representation of the screen contents