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public class TokenRefElement extends GrammarAtom

Fields Summary
Constructors Summary
public TokenRefElement(Grammar g, Token t, boolean inverted, int autoGenType)

        super(g, t, autoGenType);
        not = inverted;
        TokenSymbol ts = grammar.tokenManager.getTokenSymbol(atomText);
        if (ts == null) {
            g.antlrTool.error("Undefined token symbol: " +
                         atomText, grammar.getFilename(), t.getLine(), t.getColumn());
        else {
            tokenType = ts.getTokenType();
            // set the AST node type to whatever was set in tokens {...}
            // section (if anything);
            // Lafter, after this is created, the element option can set this.
        line = t.getLine();
Methods Summary
public voidgenerate()

public Lookaheadlook(int k)

        return grammar.theLLkAnalyzer.look(k, this);