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public interface ProxyFactoryFactory
An interface for factories of {@link ProxyFactory proxy factory} instances.

Currently used to abstract from the tupizer whether we are using CGLIB or Javassist for lazy proxy generation.

Steve Ebersole

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public BasicProxyFactorybuildBasicProxyFactory(java.lang.Class superClass, java.lang.Class[] interfaces)
Build a proxy factory for basic proxy concerns. The return should be capable of properly handling newInstance() calls.

Should build basic proxies essentially equivalent to JDK proxies in terms of capabilities, but should be able to deal with abstract super classes in addition to proxy interfaces.

Must pass in either superClass or interfaces (or both).

superClass The abstract super class (or null if none).
interfaces Interfaces to be proxied (or null if none).
The proxy class

public org.hibernate.proxy.ProxyFactorybuildProxyFactory()
Build a proxy factory specifically for handling runtime lazy loading.

The lazy-load proxy factory.