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public interface XPointerSchema implements XMLDocumentFilter, XMLComponent

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Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public java.lang.ObjectgetParent()
return the Parent Contenthandler

public java.lang.StringgetXPointerSchemaPointer()
Return the XPointer Schema.

public java.lang.StringgetXpointerSchemaName()
Return Schema Name eg element , xpointer

public booleanisSubResourceIndentified()

public voidreset()

public voidsetParent(java.lang.Object parent)
Parent Contenhandler for the this contenthandler. // not sure about the parameter type. It can be Contenthandler instead of Object type.

public voidsetXPointerSchemaName(java.lang.String schemaName)
set the Schema Name eg element , xpointer

public voidsetXPointerSchemaPointer(java.lang.String content)
Content of the XPointer Schema. Xpath to be resolved.