CMSProcessableFile.javaAPI DocBouncy Castle Crypto API 1.41 (Java 1.5)1103Wed Oct 01 10:55:28 BST 2008org.bouncycastle.cms


public class CMSProcessableFile extends Object implements CMSProcessable
a holding class for a file of data to be processed.

Fields Summary
private static final int
private final File
private final byte[]
Constructors Summary
public CMSProcessableFile(File file)

        this(file, DEFAULT_BUF_SIZE);
public CMSProcessableFile(File file, int bufSize)

        _file = file;
        _buf = new byte[bufSize];
Methods Summary
public java.lang.ObjectgetContent()
Return the file handle.

        return _file;
public voidwrite( zOut)

        FileInputStream     fIn = new FileInputStream(_file);
        int                 len;
        while ((len =, 0, _buf.length)) > 0)
            zOut.write(_buf, 0, len);