HdmiCecMessage.javaAPI DocAndroid 5.1 API10152Thu Mar 12 22:22:42 GMT

 * Copyright (C) 2014 The Android Open Source Project
 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 * You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.


import libcore.util.EmptyArray;

import java.util.Arrays;

 * A class to encapsulate HDMI-CEC message used for the devices connected via
 * HDMI cable to communicate with one another. A message is defined by its
 * source and destination address, command (or opcode), and optional parameters.
public final class HdmiCecMessage {
    public static final byte[] EMPTY_PARAM = EmptyArray.BYTE;

    private final int mSource;
    private final int mDestination;

    private final int mOpcode;
    private final byte[] mParams;

     * Constructor.
    public HdmiCecMessage(int source, int destination, int opcode, byte[] params) {
        mSource = source;
        mDestination = destination;
        mOpcode = opcode & 0xFF;
        mParams = Arrays.copyOf(params, params.length);

     * Return the source address field of the message. It is the logical address
     * of the device which generated the message.
     * @return source address
    public int getSource() {
        return mSource;

     * Return the destination address field of the message. It is the logical address
     * of the device to which the message is sent.
     * @return destination address
    public int getDestination() {
        return mDestination;

     * Return the opcode field of the message. It is the type of the message that
     * tells the destination device what to do.
     * @return opcode
    public int getOpcode() {
        return mOpcode;

     * Return the parameter field of the message. The contents of parameter varies
     * from opcode to opcode, and is used together with opcode to describe
     * the action for the destination device to take.
     * @return parameter
    public byte[] getParams() {
        return mParams;

    public String toString() {
        StringBuffer s = new StringBuffer();
        s.append(String.format("<%s> src: %d, dst: %d",
                opcodeToString(mOpcode), mSource, mDestination));
        if (mParams.length > 0) {
            s.append(", params:");
            for (byte data : mParams) {
                s.append(String.format(" %02X", data));
        return s.toString();

    private static String opcodeToString(int opcode) {
        switch (opcode) {
            case Constants.MESSAGE_FEATURE_ABORT:
                return "Feature Abort";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_IMAGE_VIEW_ON:
                return "Image View On";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_TUNER_STEP_INCREMENT:
                return "Tuner Step Increment";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_TUNER_STEP_DECREMENT:
                return "Tuner Step Decrement";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_TUNER_DEVICE_STATUS:
                return "Tuner Device Staus";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_GIVE_TUNER_DEVICE_STATUS:
                return "Give Tuner Device Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_RECORD_ON:
                return "Record On";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_RECORD_STATUS:
                return "Record Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_RECORD_OFF:
                return "Record Off";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_TEXT_VIEW_ON:
                return "Text View On";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_RECORD_TV_SCREEN:
                return "Record Tv Screen";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_GIVE_DECK_STATUS:
                return "Give Deck Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_DECK_STATUS:
                return "Deck Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SET_MENU_LANGUAGE:
                return "Set Menu Language";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_CLEAR_ANALOG_TIMER:
                return "Clear Analog Timer";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SET_ANALOG_TIMER:
                return "Set Analog Timer";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_TIMER_STATUS:
                return "Timer Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_STANDBY:
                return "Standby";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_PLAY:
                return "Play";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_DECK_CONTROL:
                return "Deck Control";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_TIMER_CLEARED_STATUS:
                return "Timer Cleared Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_USER_CONTROL_PRESSED:
                return "User Control Pressed";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_USER_CONTROL_RELEASED:
                return "User Control Release";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_GIVE_OSD_NAME:
                return "Give Osd Name";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SET_OSD_NAME:
                return "Set Osd Name";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SET_OSD_STRING:
                return "Set Osd String";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SET_TIMER_PROGRAM_TITLE:
                return "Set Timer Program Title";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SYSTEM_AUDIO_MODE_REQUEST:
                return "System Audio Mode Request";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_GIVE_AUDIO_STATUS:
                return "Give Audio Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SET_SYSTEM_AUDIO_MODE:
                return "Set System Audio Mode";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_REPORT_AUDIO_STATUS:
                return "Report Audio Status";
                return "Give System Audio Mode Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SYSTEM_AUDIO_MODE_STATUS:
                return "System Audio Mode Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_ROUTING_CHANGE:
                return "Routing Change";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_ROUTING_INFORMATION:
                return "Routing Information";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_ACTIVE_SOURCE:
                return "Active Source";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_GIVE_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS:
                return "Give Physical Address";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_REPORT_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS:
                return "Report Physical Address";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_REQUEST_ACTIVE_SOURCE:
                return "Request Active Source";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SET_STREAM_PATH:
                return "Set Stream Path";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_DEVICE_VENDOR_ID:
                return "Device Vendor Id";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_VENDOR_COMMAND:
                return "Vendor Commandn";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_VENDOR_REMOTE_BUTTON_DOWN:
                return "Vendor Remote Button Down";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_VENDOR_REMOTE_BUTTON_UP:
                return "Vendor Remote Button Up";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_GIVE_DEVICE_VENDOR_ID:
                return "Give Device Vendor Id";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_MENU_REQUEST:
                return "Menu REquest";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_MENU_STATUS:
                return "Menu Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_GIVE_DEVICE_POWER_STATUS:
                return "Give Device Power Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_REPORT_POWER_STATUS:
                return "Report Power Status";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_GET_MENU_LANGUAGE:
                return "Get Menu Language";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SELECT_ANALOG_SERVICE:
                return "Select Analog Service";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SELECT_DIGITAL_SERVICE:
                return "Select Digital Service";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SET_DIGITAL_TIMER:
                return "Set Digital Timer";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_CLEAR_DIGITAL_TIMER:
                return "Clear Digital Timer";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SET_AUDIO_RATE:
                return "Set Audio Rate";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_INACTIVE_SOURCE:
                return "InActive Source";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_CEC_VERSION:
                return "Cec Version";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_GET_CEC_VERSION:
                return "Get Cec Version";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_VENDOR_COMMAND_WITH_ID:
                return "Vendor Command With Id";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_CLEAR_EXTERNAL_TIMER:
                return "Clear External Timer";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_SET_EXTERNAL_TIMER:
                return "Set External Timer";
                return "Repot Short Audio Descriptor";
                return "Request Short Audio Descriptor";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_INITIATE_ARC:
                return "Initiate ARC";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_REPORT_ARC_INITIATED:
                return "Report ARC Initiated";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_REPORT_ARC_TERMINATED:
                return "Report ARC Terminated";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_REQUEST_ARC_INITIATION:
                return "Request ARC Initiation";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_REQUEST_ARC_TERMINATION:
                return "Request ARC Termination";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_TERMINATE_ARC:
                return "Terminate ARC";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_CDC_MESSAGE:
                return "Cdc Message";
            case Constants.MESSAGE_ABORT:
                return "Abort";
                return String.format("Opcode: %02X", opcode);